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High Standard HD .22LR Semi Auto Pistol
















High quality post WWII target auto pistol.  High Standard called this the "Military" model to associate it with the earlier High Standard pistols used in large numbers during the war for training  by the military and as  suppressed pistols by the OSS.  A Wolff spring kit was installed about 10 years ago and roughly one box of ammo has been fired through it since. Asking $375.  Contact Doc Holloman at docholloman56@

Trade Sought








 (Image is a file image of the same model rifle.)

Lightning McQueen has a Marlin Cowboy limited in .45 Colt with octagon barrel that he wants to trade for an 1873 Uberti (Cimarron, Taylors, etc) in .357mag/.38 spcl .This Cowboy Limited has been slicked up & is ready to go. Also includes: 200 rounds of .45 Colt ammo loaded with Trail Boss powder, plus a tub of 45 colt brass to go with it. You can Reach Lightning at if you would like more info.

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