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New Shooters Orientation!

The Cabs run a class for new shooters on the 5th Saturday in the month.  Cost is $25. Class materials, guns, and ammo are provided.  The New Shooter Orientations for 2023 will be: April 29th, July 29th, and December 30th.  Call Judge Menday Coming at 512.964.9955 for more information and class registration. 

Can't Wait to Start Cowboy Shooting?

  • 1. Come watch a match.  All you need to do is check-in at the City Hall upon your arrival to Determination.
  • 2. Fill out the contact form, and we will assign a mentor.  Your mentor will let you dry fire their guns, then teach you how the stages work. 
  • 3. Shoot a Match. Your mentor will coach you through the stages with loaner guns, leather, and ammo.
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