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Wild Bunch!

The Tejas Caballeros hold Wild Bunch matches on the 1st Saturday of each month. Wild Bunch matches are inspired by the Sam Peckinpah film and substitute .45ACP M1911 pistols for the cowboy single action revolvers.  Wild Bunch shooting places in increased emphasis on accuracy.  Recent rule changes open up Wild Bunch matches to all SASS approved shotguns and rifles in order to make it easier for new shooters to participate.

Come to the next Wild Bunch Match on Saturday, February 3, 2024. Hammers Down at 10:00 am. (Winter hours.)  For more information on Cabs Wild Bunch, contact Doc Holloman, Cabs Wild Bunch Range Officer at

Here are 16 photos from the July Wild Bunch event. Twelve students attended the Wild Bunch Class taught by Asup Sleeve, while Doc Holloman ran a Wild Bunch Match with another 6 shooters.

We had a cookout after the match with hamburgers and sausage and scores were announced. 

Great Class and Great Match! 
Wild Bunch.jpeg
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